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Gallery - Portrait

Creative lighting technique using just window light

Metal Honeycomb grid with one LED Torch light

40's Style portraiture created with softbox and natural light.

Creating a 40's Hollywood theme with speedlights

Soft lighting is a must in Fine Art Portraits

Studio effects with just two Speedlight's and a little imagination

Subtle lighting and placement

Low key lighting. Creative portrait lighting with just one flash

Knowing how to direct and pose a model is essential for successful portraits

Research your theme to achieve the best results.

Creative fill flash

Strong sunlight balanced with subtle fill flash

Low key lighting using Speed light and softbox

Low key lighting effect with one Speedlight at 4.30pm

Dramatic studio lighting

Studio style head shots with just one flash

Low Key location image using home made honeycomb grid and one flash

Adding impact to a theme with coloured gel

Retro style portrait taken at midday using off camera flash and the principles of "Inverse Law"

Combining flash with Natural Light to create better portraits