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About me

About me

I am a Melbourne based photographer with experience in both Film and Digital spanning over 45 years.

My photography is quite diverse, rather than being a set style and it is constantly evolving.

I find this approach to be far more rewarding and challenging than becoming ‘an expert’ in one or two styles. My Landscape Photography has featured in several local exhibitions and enjoyed success on the International and National competition circuit. Over the years I have sold several of these images and continue to do so today. My Portraits are best described as ‘edgy and unique’ and are usually at outdoor locations.

I hope you all enjoy the images I have displayed on this site as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.

Business Achievements

  • 1977 – 1987 working in retail photography.
  • 1982 – 87 – Principle owner/photographer of Visual Image Photography – Wedding Photography and Portrait/Portfolio Photography.
  • 2015 to Current – Creative Lighting Workshops – Photography workshops aimed at teaching people to ‘see light’ better and how to achieve amazing results. Currently based around Portrait Photography but soon to include Landscape Photography.