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Creative use of light

Photography Workshops

Visualise, Inspire, Create

My interest in photography began more than 40 years ago, and over the years people have often looked at my images and asked “Wow Steve, how did you do that?” That ‘Wow’ factor usually has something to do with the Light and how Creatively it’s been used.

In Landscape Photography our lighting is a variable – from the vibrant colours of Sunset and Sunrise, or the mystery and intrigue of a pending storm. I will show you the techniques to pull these elements together correctly adding visual impact and new dimensions to your images.

Portrait Photography on the other hand usually involves controlled lighting from speed lights or studio flashes and often in a nice, cozy studio. My studio is the great outdoors with old building, and graffiti walls. We will work with Natural light learning how to ‘Bend It’ to suit you, or turn ‘day time into night’ with just one flash

Portrait Photography

From graffiti walls, to romantic paddle boats, or turning daytime into night time – portraits in the great outdoors can’t be matched.

Natural Light

Learn how to ‘See’ Light, the principles of light direction and how to correctly meter creative effect.

Flash / Natural Light

This workshop is all about ‘Creative Portraits’ and the affects you can create by combining ‘Speedlight’s’ with ‘Natural Light’. Using the principles of ‘Inverse Law’ you will learn how to manipulate light to produce outstanding results.

Creative Lighting Techniques

We create a 'Themed' studio in your club rooms that centre's on Creative Lighting Techniques, and how to achieve them. The group then have the opportunity to apply these principles working with an experienced model.

Hollywood Portrait Workshop

This workshop is suitable for all photographers from beginner to experienced. Topics covered include; Controlling outcomes with one light. Multiple Light placement for different effects. Introducing Modifiers to improve results. Posing and Directing your subject. Editing techniques to achieve results consistent with the era.

Landscape Photography

I will show you the techniques to pull together the vibrant colours of Sunset and Sunrise or the mystery and intrigue of a pending storm correctly, adding visual impact and new dimensions to your images.

Building the Image

Great Landscape images don’t just happen – you have to ‘Build’ them. Lighting, Subject Matter, and Composition are the foundations and this workshop.

Seascape Masterclass

Over a six-hour workshop I will guide you through the camera settings, equipment, and techniques to take your own amazing seascape images.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”

This is the philosophy I adopt for all my workshops, and keeping groups to 8 or less allows for plenty of ‘one on one’ time with everyone. The mood is always relaxed and enjoyable, with comprehensive notes provided for each particular workshop.

“Photography has no boundaries”

“Be prepared to explore new Knowledge, for the Skills you already know”
Steve Sheddick