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Creative Use of Light

For many people, their photography skills are a self-taught process and while understanding your gear is important there are many other aspects that contribute to great images. My passion for photography spanning 40 years, and excellent people skills were the motivation for creating workshops that teach people those skills

and others.

Natural light

Learn how to ‘See’ Light, the principles of light direction, and how to correctly meter creative effect.

Natural Light Portraits, can deliver outcomes similar to elaborate studio lighting. This workshop is all about teaching you the simple techniques to achieve these outcomes yourself.

Visiting various outdoor locations our theme for the day will be the 1950s. Adding to this theme will be an experienced model in various 50’s outfits and styling. Each location will offer its own unique lighting styles, and image opportunities to match. We begin by Learning to See Light correctly, determining distance to subject, and choosing a position for the best outcome.

Working on location with an experienced model, you will be guided through the importance of ‘Directing’ and ‘Posing” a model. Only 4 participants to a workshop, allowing plenty of ‘One on One time with myself to assist where required. A booklet on all aspects of the workshop will also be provided.


Flash/Natural light 

This workshop is all about ‘Creative Portraits’ and the effects you can create by combining ‘Speedlight’s’ with ‘Natural Light’. Using the principles of ‘Inverse Law’ you will learn how to manipulate light to produce outstanding results.

Portrait Photography is both challenging and rewarding. From beginner to advanced this workshop will show you the effects you can create by combining a single ‘Speedlight’ with ‘Natural Light’.

Using the principles of ‘Inverse Law’ you will learn how to manipulate light to produce outstanding and varied results. Imagine having the ability to ‘bend’ and ‘shape’ light, however you want,  using just one flash.

Well, this workshop is the answer to that and so much more.

One on One 

A series of  One on One workshops offering private tuition aimed at helping you achieve better results with your photography.

All workshops are 4 hours in length and cost $385  (excluding GST).

Suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced subjects covered include,

  • Camera settings – getting the most out of your gear

  • Portrait photography – including advanced flash techniques

  • Flash photography – starting out, settings, single and multiple lighting

  • Landscape photography – the tips and settings to achieve better outcomes, filter systems

Workshops are available on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. 

# please note for Portrait Photography workshop – additional costs of $80 will apply to cover modeling costs unless other arrangements are made.


Dates and times are subject to availability and secured once payment has been made. 

Jessica Patra

Portrait Photography & Hollywood Workshop

As a media professional with many years of experience both in front of and behind the camera,I have had the pleasure of working with a plethora of talented individuals. After my first shoot with Steve Sheddick, he shot right to the top of that list. Steve is highly skilled technically and artistically.
His warm and professional approach makes fellow photographers and models feel instantly comfortable. Steve has much knowledge to pass on and I hope you do yourself a favour and sign up for a workshop! Don't miss out.
Raine Alexandra- 13th December 2021
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