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Images for Farmers

‘Emerging From The Mist’ –  Serenity, mystery, and intrigue are  just some of the phrases people use to describe this image, and it continues to be one of my best selling images over the years. Now you have the opportunity to purchase this image while supporting a worthwhile cause. This A3 image comes beautifully framed in a 630 x 460 modern black frame with white mat board or alternatively you can purchase the image on it’s own and frame it […]

Images For Farmers

Images For Farmers is an initiative I have put together to raise much needed funds for our struggling farmers. There are 8 images to select from with an option of framed or unframed with standard postage anywhere in Australia included in the price. With the aim being to raise as much funds as possible, there are no restrictions on print numbers. Thankyou in advance for your support and please visit; You can also contact me on 0411 844 294 […]

Photography Workshop – Building the Image

Outstanding landscape images don’t just happen. They are built on a solid foundation of techniques that make them stand out from the rest. Those techniques happen before you take the image and not afterwards in post production. Good composition is one example. Not just Rule of Thirds, but position, angle, and height. Sometimes moving a few steps to your left or right can make an huge difference. I have a tried and tested technique to show you that will deliver […]

Creative use of Light Workshops

Join me on one of my upcoming portrait workshops and take your portrait images to the next level. Learn how to ‘Bend’ natural light to create unique effects using creative metering techniques and selective posing. Or perhaps learning to turn a daytime scene into night with just one speed light is more your style. These skills and others are just part of what you will learn during these 2.5 hour workshops. You will be working with an experienced model with […]

Leading lines create depth

Landscape Photography

“Visualize, Imagine, Create”  – the starting point for every image I take! Great images don’t just happen – they are creatively constructed. This could involve hours of research for the best time day, weather patterns, as well as selecting the equipment required to achieve the desired result. However, what happens when you see that amazing storm front coming and you think “wow what a great shot, I have to shoot that”, but the end result lacks the impact of the […]

Composing Better Landscapes

Seeing is Power! Learn to Visualize the image before you take it. Strong Composition is essential in landscape photography. Remember the last time you stopped to take that amazing coastal scene but the end result falls short of what you saw on the day. We’ve all done it. In many cases these disappointing results will be the result of poor composition. Our camera sees the world differently to the human eye – we view through Binocular vision (2 eyes), compared to […]